Municipal Corporation Gwalior came into existence in 1887. It was established by council of regency which is administering the Gwalior Estate.

The foundation of Gwalior Municipal Corporation established in 06 June, 1887, by the Council of Regency. The Aim behind the establishment of this organization is to gather the citizen of Gwalior, and understand the problem of the citizens by the local administration. The first milestone was achieved by the GMC, Gwalior, is to create a Municipal Act, and soon it is convert into Municipal Law in 1911. Before 1904 the job like city management and cleaning the city etc, was held in the supervision of Police Department, after 1904, these jobs was transferred to the Gwalior Municipal Corporation. In 1904, a new municipal corporation had established for the old Gwalior, in 1912, the third municipal corporation is established for Morar Nagar. The Municipal Act which was created in 1911, was implemented in 1912.

On 1st July 1912, Gwalior and Morar Municipal Corporation, merged into Lashkar Municipal Corporation.

Till 1912, His Highness Madhav Rao Scindhiya was a chairperson of municipal corporation, Gwalior. And in 1913 after implementation of Municipal Corporation Act, a new board is established by elected members of board, and his highness, Madhav Rao Scindhiya resiged from his post of chairperson.

In January 1922 a new board is formed with 45 members, where 30 members are elected, and 15 members are nominated from various areas. During the period of this board, board created many remarkable works, but the most remarkable work is in 1929, to form power house at Moti Jheel. And from April 1929, water supplied plant had started for supply the water, for Gwalior City. Act of GMC which is implemented in 1912, after 24 years in 1936 altered, and in the year 1937, is implemented with new rules and regulations. The main salient features of this amendment are the power of selection of chairperson by the member of council through voting rights. Before this amendment chairperson was elected by the nominating process.

In 1948, after creation of central India once more revision of municipal corporation societies and in January 1954 Central India Municipal Corporation Act was established. In 1954, Municipal Corporation extended its limitations and include some more areas in his limit now total area of GMC was 18 Square Meal.